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Providing geologic consulting services to the Oil & Gas industry

Core Geologic is the result of a merger and a re-branding of two existing geologic consulting firms in Denver, Colorado.  Executive partners Christopher Kunz and Daniel Lowrie have been competitors, co-workers and now co-owners of the joint venture.  Both have extensive experience in the oil & gas industry as geology consultants.

They have worked in positions from wellsite geologists to operations managers to owners of geologic consulting firms with 40+ consultants. Core Geologic prides itself on the ability to find the right geologist for the job. We strongly believe in utilizing geologists with intimate local knowledge of the basin and formation that your project is in.





Our extensive background in wellsite geology enables us to provide superior service at reasonable costs.  All of our field personnel are degreed geologists with insightful local knowledge of the basin you are operating in.  We provide detailed cuttings analysis and are able to assist in electric logging supervision, geochemical sampling, analysis and coring projects.  We can provide basic mudlogging services as well as onsite geo-steering.


Our services are fully customizable, offering our clients a service model that best fits their operational needs.  We can provide coverage at your desired schedule whether you only require nights and weekends or 24 hour a day coverage.  We can bundle our services to create an affordable solution, by providing in-house geologists supplemented by remote geo-steerers managing your project at night.  


Core Geologic geologists have developed assets across the US and will work with operators to provide ad-hoc technical teams to assist in asset evaluation, development planning and operations.  Through our network of consultants and industry partners we can provide regional experts for your project.



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